Leroy the Legend: Our Shop Mascot's Greatest Moments


This journey has taken us a few years to get to where we are now.  The road has been long, rocky and for the most part uphill, but we have laboured through, and now Glitterfire Giftshop [GFGS] is a part of the gifting and bringing smiles to everyone community.  Our aim is to provide gifts that make memories.  We create a plethora of bespoke quality gifts that anyone can use and find joy in having.  It's like we deliberately bring joy and happiness with our choice of gifts.  The gifts that we stock are carefully selected by our fantastic team.  Only the items that are quirky, humorous, elegant, classic, appeals to the senses and brilliantly designed gets the stamp of approval to be sold at the shop.  We try our best to get it right every time and we often do. 

Here at GFGS our most popular sellers are tumblers which in the UK are dubbed - travel mugs.  However, we call them luxury travel mugs because we go all out and be awesomely extra.  We take glamourous to the next level.  We customize each one differently either using glitter, inks, or paints, then complete the design with resin/epoxy to seal in all the design goodness.  We carry many different styles and sizes of tumblers, all of which are customized with cheeky/ quirky wordings.  Of course, a name can be added too - but often people are not bothered to have one added.

Our ever-popular snow globe cups are now taking the UK by storm as the wave is just becoming popular here in the region.  It's already taken a foothold in the USA and has grown exponentially since its debut on the market in 2021.  We carry many different designs here at the giftshop, and they are all gorgeous - but take don't our word for it, come and see for yourself.

Fluid Artworks are our newest obsession. These we create on our social media lives.  We want our audience and customers to experience the awe-inspiring effect as if it’s a one-to-one session.  Some masterpieces will be created back of house to get the ball rolling on sales, but most artworks will be done on all social media platforms. 

Great designs cannot be achieved without a variety of great supplies. We go the extra mile to source these products.  These supplies cost more but the output from these items is top notch and extraordinary.  Our prices are comparative to what you know an amazing 'handmade' gift on the high street will be.  We get great satisfaction knowing in our hearts that we are using the best products on the market both locally and internationally sourced- hands down.

Not every shop has a mascot, but we do.  "Leroy" our crochet bear mascot is creating designs on his laptop.  He's so getting things done and getting gifts out to everyone quickly.  Think of him as one of Santa’s elves without the elf ears and Christmas bits.  He's a joy to work with.  You'll see him popping up and around the giftshop regularly.  He'll even be in our lives and in many pictures.

In conclusion, we are looking forward to many new things happening at GFGS.  Check out our website and social media every day to see what are up to.  We have new arrivals weekly.  Our tumblers and snow globes move very fast so grab yours today.  Fluid artworks are for sale always - but some designed pieces are created for display at hospitals/ schools and care centres.  We do hope to see and hear from all of you.  Please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on all social media.  See you in the lives.  Enjoy these fantastic pictures of Leroy in the shop.  Happy Shopping. 


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